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administration is facing some tough new questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador there. doug luzader is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the state department dropped something of a bombshell saying that they never thought that this attack on the u.s. consulate was part of a spontaneous protest. with the investigation into what happened at this compound in libya underway, there is now a clear rift between president obama and the u.s. state department. while many blamed the protests and discounted the idea that terrorists killed chris stevens, it's unclear what she was basing that on. the u.s. state department, that was not them. according to one official, that was not our conclusion. this as congress gets ready for some explosive hearings. >> what the state department bureaucracy distances itself from the liberal white house, you know the white house has a big problem. >> reporter: the white house denies there was a coverup. beyond that, more questions about security at the u.s. compound with documents showing well over 200 securi
east today, suspected u.s. drone air strikes have killed at least seven al-qaida militants in yemen. that's according to security officials there. the militants had apparently gathered at a farm in the southern part of the country. officials say the air strikes came after tips from local residents that an al-qaida attack on the town was imminent. >>> federal agents disrupt a terror plot against the federal reserve building in new york city. >> this as the war on terror is playing a larger role in the race to the white house. fox5's melanie alnwick has details. >> quazi nafis had his first court appearance yesterday. he entered the united states on a student visa in january, allegedly to study cyber security. prosecutors say his true intent was to launch a terror attack on american soil. we're learning more about his plot and connections. but the resurgence of al-qaida appears to be having an impact on the campaign trail. >> reporter: another terror linked crime scene, this time the federal reserve building in new york city, just blocks away from ground zero in manhattan. the accused
, citing concern from three u.s. security agencies, metro wanted to delay displaying the ads until after the protests in the middle east over the "innocence of muslims" film subsided. the sponsor sued to put them up immediately and won. riders have mixed feelings. >> in our civil society, the first amendment has the greatest protection. the government needs to protect the speaker and for those who say they want to engage in violence, we'll arrest you for engaging in the violence. >> they should be allowed on free speech grounds, but i think it's irresponsible. >> it's kind of a big thing to call somebody a savage, but this is america. it's freedom of speech. >> reporter: again, we don't know what time those ads are going to be posted today. metro did say it was not going to appeal the ruling and would comply with the judge's order which specify they need to be up by 5:00 this evening. there are three other stations that will be displaying the ads, georgia avenue, glenmont and takoma stations. just one ad in each station. police say they'll be ready in case there are protests, but they do
, including three american soldiers as u.s. military deaths in the war surpass 2,000. nbc's richard engel is in afghanistan. >>> trying to lower expectations ahead of the first presidential debate. >> he's a debater. i'm just okay. >> but romney backer chris christie didn't get the memo. >> wednesday night the first night of this campaign. >> will this be a game-changer in the election? >>> and "i'm not perfect." arnold schwarzenegger about his marriage, his affairs and the child he fathered with his house keeper. >> i inflicted pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> he prepares to release his tell-all memoir today, monday, october 1, 2012. >>> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning, i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm david gregory in for matt this morning. >>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for the deadly suicide bombing in eastern afghanistan overnight. >> they were targeting a military patrol in a crowded market. as we said, at least 14 pe
month's attack on the u.s. consulate in libya in a world he says is now more dangerous. >> this latest assault can be blamed on a video insulting islam, despite the administration's attempts to convince us of that for so long. no, the administration has conceded these were the deliberate work of terrorists. >> reporter: the president spent much of his day preaching to the converted at california fundraisers. it helped pad his campaign coffers. he reminded his faithful that the race is extremely tight and right around the corner. >> so i need you in this election, the next 29 days. we cannot afford to be complacent and we cannot afford to be cynics. we have to look back at the progress we've made and that should give us confidence. >> reporter: but that confidence may have been shaken and the obama team is now looking at this week's vice presidential debate as a chance to get back on track. as far as the poll numbers are concerned, the obama campaign has long said they run this race as though they were 5 points behind. their fear is the numbers could soon confirm that assumption. in was
the idea that terrorists had killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens, it's not clear what, if anything, she was basing that on. last night, the state department said it was not them according to one official, that was not our conclusion. this as congress gets ready for what could be explosive hearings today. when the state department's career bureaucracy takes on a leftist democratic administration and tries to separate itself from a liberal white house, you know the white house has got a big problem. >> reporter: the white house denies there was a coverup but, beyond that, there will be more questions about security at the u.s. compound with new documents showing well over 200 security-related incidents in the 14 months prior to the attack. congress will ask whether the state department ignored signs that could have prevented stevens' death. >> reporter: some democrats are already discounting today's hearings saying they are politically motivated. back to you, allison. >> thanks, sarah. >>> the taliban is claiming responsibility for the shooting of a 14-year-old girl. the teen activist is
to be dangerous. >> reporter: this as the campaign continues to argue about the terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi last month and what role al- qaida may have played there. >> we know there have been at least a dozen plots targeting new york city after nine. a lot of those are lone wolves. does this suspect have contact with al-qaida? >> reporter: he had contact with them in january. prosecutors say he was influenced by anwar al-awlaki and wanted to become a martyr. but the complaint itself doesn't say he had training or actual direction from the terrorist group. >> melanie alnwick reporting from the newsroom. thank you. >>> now, new this morning, from the middle east, suspected u.s. drone air strikes have killed at least seven al-qaida militants in yemen. they had apparently gathered at a farm. the air strikes came after tips from local residents that an al- qaida attack on the town was imment. imminent. >>> president obama and governor romney are quitting the campaign trail for tonight at least and will trade one liners when they address a high profile fundraiser in new yo
with a question about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. >> who was it that denied enhanced security and why? >> reporter: it was a question the president would not directly answer. >> it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in ben ghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> reporter: the president's comments, the day after the fact, in fact, were not entirely clear. keeping with debate tradition, both sides claimed victory today. the question, whether this will move the polls as the first debate did. >> completely off. >> reporter: or if voters will so it as a jumbled mess of finger pointing. >> on the third and final debate, it's set to take place at lynn university in boca raton, florida, next monday night. the main topic is foreign policy. that is the latest now. back to you. >> all right, sara, thank you so much. >>> an offhand reference to binders fill up women by mitt romney was a hot topic on social media. he made that remark while explaining that as governor of massachusetts. he had more women in his cabinet than any other state's go
's a large trough of low pressure that will be coming across the u.s., and those -- that large trough will merge with the hurricane and essentially it's that merging that is causing that turn to the northwest. so it's a pretty unique situation. most of the times hurricanes moving along the eastern seaboard will go straight north, and it is pretty rare to get a landfall into this area. >> bryan, is it possible that the cold front that we're seeing to the west could be strong enough to steer this storm further out to sea? >> usually there's, you know, a trough or things like that will deflect. but there's different orientations of the trough. in this case, it's what we call negatively tilted, it's tilted from the northwest to the southeast. that will actually draw the system in. so there's increasing confidence that yeah, we will see a merger of the two, what's known as a fading. >> let's talk about some of the effects of sandy around here by monday afternoon. what kind of winds could we be looking at in the metro area? >> we've been talking about uncertainty this whole time. coming to
on the u.s. consulate attack in libya. and with the new report over the weekend about possible talks between the u.s. and iran over its nuclear program, he will likely question the president's support of israel. part of the failure -- >> this president has had is to outline real goals. real view of what the view should be. >> reporter: the race is tightening. >> we've seen romney move tout to the 5 is is-45 average that we're talking about. it's closer to being even. >> reporter: here is the national picture. this is the real clear policies, average of polls in the each of the state. reddish states are romney states. grays are toss-ups. now for the first time perhaps, we're seeing mitt romney move ahead in the electoral college count, but still, 131 is toss- ups. in washington, fox news. >> we want to know what you think about the race for the white house. use the hash tag youdecide to tweet your thoughts. we'll be using yoo your tweets for a new show as election day comes closer. we'll focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. star
responsibility for the deaths of four americans in an attack on the u.s. consulate building in lib california. >> and the white house is reportedly ready to strike back for the attack but there are a few roadblocks in the way. we'll explain. >> plus, one of the biggest comebacks in nfl history. led by peyton manning. dave ross is back with another serving of sports breakfast. >> and as we take you to the break now, sure does look like a beautiful day. a live look outside, we'll check with the latest from tucker and julie when we come back after the break. 7:10. you. we know w you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. >>> the fog of war, the confusion that you get in any kind of combat situation and remember this was an attack that went on for hours. i'm responsible for the state department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world. >> secretary of stat
. a masked gunman has shot and killed the head of security at the u.s. embassy in yemen. the victim was a yemeni man, not an american, who worked at the embassy for nearly 20 years. he was killed when the gunman on a motorcycle drove alongside his car and opened fire. >>> in the meantime, back here in washington, in just a few hours, the nacialg zoo will reveal -- national zoo will reveal what killed the newborn giant panda cub. the cub, believed to be a female, died six days after it was born last month. also this morning zoo officials will let everyone know how the cub's mom is doing, mescwrang. she has been slowly returning to her normal activities. >>> well, allison, another big story this morning, a must-win situation for the nationals. if they lose today, their hopes of a world series title are over. dave ross is here with a game three recap and a look ahead. let's focus mainly on the look ahead. >> let's look ahead. remember, they put those tickets on sale for the nlcs, so they're still thinking positively. pick a cliche, loser go home or in this case stay home. it really is
will likely be completely restored in the next half hour or so. >>> weeks after the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, the u.s. has clearance to visit the scene. >> if you have a flight with american airlines today, might want to call ahead. why dozens of flights are being canceled. >> this sunday, the redskins will try to end a seven-game losing streak at home. the undefeated falcons are coming to town. we're going to break down the matchup in this morning's sports breakfast. >> as we take you to the break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie next. that will get you pumped up on a friday. don't let them get you down. ♪ i get knocked down, but i get up again ♪ i get knocked down, but i get up again ♪ unr sweatshop nditions in china. when mitt romney led bain, they saw global tech as a good investment... even knowing that the firm promoted its practice of exploiting... low-wage labor to its investors. mitt romney - tough on china? since when? >>> making headlines this morning, for the first time a team of fbi agents has arriv
up details of the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. republican senator lindsay graham says he thinks the administration is trying to keep voters from questioning the president's handling of the war on terror and he says the white house knew the attack was a coordinated assault but he wants people to think the president dismantled al-qaeda. >>> the pakistani school girl shot in the head by the taliban is on her way to a british hospital. she was targeted because she called for girls to be educated. she was seriously wounded when an assassination team shot her on her way to school last tuesday. she is still unconscious this morning but doctors are optimistic about her recovery. >>> the tributes for pennsylvania's long time senator arlen specterave been pouring in since he passed away yesterday. he was a survivor of decades of political fights on capitol hill. but he lost his battle against hodgkin's lymphoma. president obama is remembering him as a fiercely independent fighter from his days stomping out as a prosecutor in pennsylvania. he said laura and i appreciate his con try
there looking at the damage. the u.s. coast guard has restricted the bay, so boats cannot access the bay at this point and they are working to see when they'll lift that restriction. route 50 remains closed heading into town. the road 90 bridge has been reopened. so other than that, just sort of assessing the damage right now, trying to find out when folks can return to their homes, cleanup will begin. very heavy winds, again, the rain is light, but it's chilly, and that's the latest here in ocean city. back to you guys, tony and allison. >> thank you very much, lauren demarco reporting. >>> well, north of ocean city, fox' doug luzader watched sandy slam into rewhoboth beach. >> he joins us live with a look at the conditions there. good morning, doug, how's it going this morning? >>reporter: well, not exactly drenched and not really all that windy at the moment. it's certainly a lot better than we've seen. and you see cleanup vehicles out here, some people are kind of going about their business. that's good news. the one sure sign i guess that the hurricane is over, take a look out the
in chesapeake, virginia. >>> the "washington post" is out with its endorsement in u.s. senate race in virginia. the post editorial board is backing democrat tim kaine. it said is he is a better choice by leaps and bounds than republican george allen. the post said ads by republican george allen an outside counterbuff groups are mischaracter -- conservative groups are his characterizing cain's records and proposals. >>> in our other top stories this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking the blame for the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. she says specific decisions about the security of all diplomatic buildings around the world are made by security professionals at the state department. not the white house. republicans are accusing the obama administration of covering up the truth about the consulate attacks where four americans died. >>> meanwhile, the united states is reportedly ready to strike back at al-qaeda for the consulate attack on 9/11. white house sources say the main problems are finding a target and dealing with any political fallout overseas. also
out for the u.s. winter out look. with the lack of el nino for most of the eastern united states, including our region, looks like you have equal chances. tell us what that means. >> equal chances pretty much means there's not a good signal leading us to forecast either an enhanced chance of below or above temperature or precipitation. that's something that is certainly frustrating to us here at the climate prediction center. but the reality is that oftentimes the winter weather is dominated more by short term fluctuations, things such as, and maybe you've heard of these things, the arctic oscillate ion. at this point we don't know what it will do this winter. >> in terms of snow we don't know. what about temperatures, do we expect them to be normal, below normal, above normal? >> it's really the same thing. my quick mention of the arctic oscillateion. back to 2009-10 it was a cold winter. last winter it was positive and we didn't have much of a winter. i also said it's just something we're not able to forecast out looking to see december, january, february, what that connection
have loosened up like me. >> new census data is showing young adults moving out of stat u.s. migration fell to a record low. 25 and 29 had the biggest gain in migration. many are testing the job market in high tech cities like washington d.c., denver, portland, oregon and austin, texas. working professionals, families and would be retirees are staying in place. those groups showed some of the most movement in 2005. and finally, this half hour, we've known that not getting enough sleep can lead to health problems but according to a new study, losing sleep could make people gain weight. 28% of adults in the u.s. say they get less than 6 hours of sleep a night and as 35% of americans are obese. so researchers looked for a link. people who got between 4 and 6 hours of sleep developed problems involving appetite, physical activity and even fat loss. scientists say it shows sleep does have an impact on health. >> we say that how many times? >> we do know that. >> still ahead in our next half hour, a warning for parents about whooping cough. why infection rates are at a 60 year high. >> plus,
tomorrow as it approaches jamaica. for now, it's not posing a threat to the u.s. and this is the ta row it's had storms. that is an average and there is another month to go. >>> intense weather in parts of california yesterday. a tornado touched down in sacramento monday causing minor damage. the same system blanketed mountains with snow and drenched fans and players at the deciding seventh game between the giants and cardinals. >> what a mess. >> a big weather system out there. >> the jet stream to the west and we're on the good side of that, i guess. our temperatures are mild all week. >> yeah. >> is that nice? >> yeah. >> today beautiful. >> yeah. >> up toitiy this afternoon and that is after a cool start. you have to run out of the door right now and probably a jacket. you have the shorts at work. >> i'm thinking did i turn the hot off when i left. >> yeah. >> and do not want to go back on into the house. >> can you open windows later. >> i know. >> and that is beautiful. 52 in washington. the warmer air to the west and that is cooler to the north and west and 62 in detroit. we have wa
% of all prescriptio filled. now the u.s. government is taking firm action following the outbreak. >> we want to stay ahead of the curve and make sure that we're proactive getting the word out. >> i've been safely giving epidural steroid injections for 22 years, and have never seen this or heard of anything like this. >> the company that makes the drug is trying to recall some 17,000 doses. officials say the outbreak could get bigger, with unknown vials reaching 23 different states. >> wisdom, any symptoms to look out for, and also, you've said this form of meningitis is deadly, so what do we need to look out for here is the bottom line? >> we know it attacks the lining of the brain and spinal cord. this strain is a fungal meningitis stemming from the steroid itself, meaning it's not contagious. symptoms sudden on set of slurred speech, dizziness and neck stiffness. >>> thank you. university of maryland dealing with a bed bug problem. several students reportedly finding bed bugs in their apartments. the complaints stem back to the beginning of the semester when many noticed strange bites
. >> sure. >>> to virginia politics, in the u.s. senate race, candidates george allen and tim kaine have met in their final debate. it was held last night at virginia tech. kaine criticized allen for a no compromise on taxes. both candidates will appear on fox 5 morning news before the election. allen next tuesday, and tim kaine october 30th. >>> if row bo calls are getting on your necks, now is -- nerves, now is your chance. the ftc is offering a $50,000 cash prize to anyone who comes up with the best technical solution to block illegal robocalls. >>> your chance to see spectacular sights in the sky this weekend. plus, one person was homeless, another had just been dumped. we'll tell you about two lucky lottery winners ahead. first, let's check in with holly. >> reporter: speaking of winning, we're talking about award winning dancers performing this weekend. it's all part of the 4th annual velocity dc dance festival going on at the sidney harmon hall where we are live this morning. we are getting our own preview coming up. we'll talk about how you can best take advantage of this dance oppor
to buy sprint for $20.1 billion. the deal needs a green light from sprint shareholders and u.s. regulators. the company behind the latest peanut butter recall is adding more products to the list. sunland incorporated added raw and roasted shelled and in shell peanuts to the list. the fda found salmonella in raw peans at the manufacturing plant. >>> do you have ideas on how to improve the smithsonian institution or things you would like to see if the future? a public forum this afternoon will discuss how the museum can stay relevant in the 21st century. the largest museum will host the discussion and take questions or comments from the public, in person and online. >>> all right. from land to water, up next, move over james bond. the amphibious vehicle that could et overpopulation. you can help reduce the numbers. coming up, pets looking for a good home. >> and there they are. get ready to indulge. george town cupcake is here with sweet treats. et treats. david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every yea
quickly. >> they do. >> reporter: high quality shows. >> they are high quality shows and from around the u.s., takes about three weeks and they're professionals. >> reporter: how long do the shows last? >> about 15 to 20 minutes. >> reporter: that's good. you can regain your composure. >> go see our new attractions. >> reporter: and go back out. david, thank you. anthony and you two lovely ghouls come over here. tell me about it. >> it's a show where we dance with the guests and we dance and sing for y'all as a big number, too. >> reporter: i heard david say y'all. professionals, whatever. let's see if i can hold my own. can we walk through it a second? >> we can. >> reporter: what are we learning? >> thriller. >> reporter: you know this at home. or refresh your memory. >> start with walking, five, six, seven, eight. switch on five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. and one, two, three, swim and one, two, three, four. >> reporter: quick here. little hop. snap. >> five, six, seven, eight. head roll. >> reporter: oh, roll, okay. >> head roll. >> reporter: for u
%. >>> and president obama is now first sitting u.s. president to vote before election day. he cast his vote at a polling site near his chicago home yesterday. illinois is one of several states that has early voting. the campaign camp says his participation will send a strong message to voters. >>> a lot of money pouring into the race. as of yesterday both campaigns have raised $2 billion. the eye popping figure puts the election on the track to be the costliest ever. the outpouring of donations is coming from both ordinary citizens and the richest americans, hoping to influence the election. >>> the 37th annual marine corps marathon and the 10k race take place sunday in northern virginia and d.c. runners from all over the world take part in what's now one of the top marathons in the nation. >> fox 5's sarah simmons is live at what will be the finish line of this year's race. hey, sarah. >> reporter: it's always exciting to see when the preparations are underway. i was driving home yesterday and seeing everything that was going up. it's always exciting the weekend of the marathon and there a
for the u.s. senate in maryland a week from tomorrow from 9:00 until 10:00 in the morning. if you have a question that would you like to ask, sent it to senate debate at >>> why people in arlington may here a lot of gunfire. >> how metro plans to protect passengers and drivers that travel on a high risk route, melanie. >> a 14-year-old girl collapses and dies. her family blames it on a popular energy drink. now they are suing for big changes to the industry.  [ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romneney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >>> a 12-year-old maryland boy is set to learn his punishment for charges of involuntary man
. tony. >>> allison, facebook is debuting a new feature in the u.s. that would allow users to pay to promote their posts. the posts would then appear higher in your friends' updates. facebook says it has tried the new feature in new zealand and 20 other countries. the company still stands by its "free and always will be" motto, saying that the cost only comes to those who want it. >>> well, a lot of schools won't let students carry around their cell phones, but now there maybe new option. we'll introduce you to the cell phone valet ahead. >>> first, the impact of last night's debate on young adults. >>reporter: we're here at campaign u with the professor and with the students. we're talking about the debate last night, the winners, losers and big bird. how much it all mattered. we'll tell you all about it as fox 5 morning news continues. that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have...
. the number of u.s. troops killed in afghanistan now tops 2,000. >>> the candidates are making their final push for swing states ahead of the first presidential debate wednesday. the president has a small lead in battleground states, but trying to keep expectations low for his debate performance, saying he is just an okay debater. new jersey governor chris christie chose a different tact, predicting that republican nominee mitt romney will do, quote, extraordinarily well. >>> a deadly shooting has left two people dead and another person injured. police say the shooting broke out as riders from a charity motorcycle event were eating breakfast. the incident is now under investigation. >>> actor and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger admits his affair with the housekeeper was not the only time he was unfaithful to maria shriver. in a "60 minutes" interview, arnold says he had an affair with bridget nielsen while living with shriver before they were married. he said there were others, but that's between him and shriver. arnold says his affair with housekeeper mildred baena was th
dinner with him two years ago. glenn doherty was one of the four americans killed on the u.s. consulate in benghazi last month. >>> in the race for the white house, the obama campaign is looking for a turn around tonight that would come from the hands of vice president joe biden. biden and republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan meet this evening in their one and only debate. the timing couldn't be more urgent for the president with new polls showing mitt romney closing the gap in some key battleground states. surveys from quinnpiac university, cbs news and the new york times show a dead heat in colorado and mitt romney cutting the president's lead in wisconsin in half. fox's doug luzader looks ahead to tonight. >>reporter: both vice presidential candidates are heading into tonight's debate with some new poll numbers. this is our brand new fox news poll. it shows that joe biden and paul ryan are pretty evenly matched, within the margin of error as far as their favorability numbers are concerned. but look at the unfavorables. that's where joe biden tonight has some ground to mak
and hits neaters in the u.s. in november. >> are they actors? >> no, they're just people. >> here we go. >> oh yeah, you get tickets to the premier. very good. >> you've got this one right, and you've got that daniel craig right there at the end. >> all right. we just gave them a big plug. >> another way to get tickets is wait until the next day -- >> you could do that? >> trying to have some fun. >> take out all the joy, buster. >> i didn't get it. >> i just explained it to you. >> he doesn't get what's the big thing. >> okay. >> yeah, me too. >> what have you got now? >> a lot of stairs. >> too much work. >> all right, let's go to the weather, sunny, mild this week, it is cool out there at the moment, we're going to be cool for another hour or too then we'll start a warm-up here as the sun gets a chance to warm- up the atmosphere. 55 degrees here in the past hour, 5 # 8 in arrest, temperatures gradually warming up from 30s overnight. 46 in frederick and 45 in winchester, again temperatures on the western side. yesterday in the mid-60s, today we'll be in the low 70s, and then it should
with full military honors. the ceremony at arlington national cemetery is for seven u.s. marines and it starts just after noon. the remains of the six men and one woman will be buried as a group in a single casket. >>> a judge will hear arguments today on a lawsuit demanding metro post controversial signs in the transit system. the ads say in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man, support israel, defeat jihad. the creator, pamela gellar sued to force new york's transportation authority to allow these ads. >>> the reflecting pool at the lincoln memorial that's been plagued by algae is in the process of being drained. the "washington post" reports the process began yesterday after several unsuccessful attempts at removing the algae last week. now, national parks service says it could take several weeks to refill the pool and require 65 workers to do that work. the estimated cost to drain it $100,000. >>> still ahead, funny man ashton kutcher gets punked, pu he's not laughing -- but he's not laughing. why police were called to his hollywood h
to the biggest city in the u.s. >> the new york city area hit with flooding and damaging winds and massive blaze also last night. and take a look at these dramatic pictures, a raging fire related to the storm destroyed at least 50 homes in queens, new york. this is in the beachtown of breezy point. basically one of the lowest points of new york city. the fire started around 11:00 last night, and it went to six alarms. a real disaster there coming out of the storm. >> at the height of the storm last night, several hospitals in new york city evacuated patients after power and flooding became a problem. and back-up generators failed. the evacuations included 20 babies from a neonatal intensive care center. they were carried down flights of stairs still on battery powered respirators. >>> surging water from sandy flooded several bus garages and tunnels in the city. the transit chore chairman says in the 108 years, it has never faced a disaster as devastating as last night. >> battery park city, down at the tip of manhattan, experienced flooding like it hasn't seen before. a record 13-foot storm surg
shooting of a u.s. border patrol agent. investigators are still looking for evidence. nicholas ivy was killed. a federal agent who was shot is in stable condition. >>> in syria, violence is escalating. a series of suicide bombings have left 25 people dead. the dictator's ground forces and war planes have been attacking the region for months. but they haven't been able to drive out the rebels there. >>> coming up on 8:32 now, we are rejoined by tucker barnes. i guess a lot of people are asking, what's the weather like for the nats' game today. >> it should be dry. peeks of sunshine this afternoon. warm, too. >> 80s. >> yeah, 85 for afternoon high. want to kick off the forecast with an update. fog advisory just expanded. >> look at that. >> little late to the party today. it says until 8:00 a.m. just updated, so 10:00 a.m. now. dense fog advisory for the entire area, including the district, until 10:00 a.m. southern maryland, down to south central virginia, no dense fog advisory. visibilities across much of the region have been 0.25 mile or less. sunshine will burn off the fog before
the administration over last month's u.s. consulate attack in libya that killed four americans. >> we're watching the unraveling of the obama foreign policy, which is making the world more chaotic and us less safe. >> reporter: but biden brought up mitt romney's comments at least five times about the 47% of americans who have become again on government. >> i've had it up to here about the 47%. it's time they took responsibility. >> i think the vice president knows sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way sometimes. >> reporter: president obama made anen unusual late night statement as he returned to the white house after campaigning in florida. >> i thought joe biden did great, and i couldn't be prouder. >> the white house is trying to play this up, even releasing a photograph of the president watching the debate last night on air force one. he and mitt romney, meantime, are preparing for their next debate on tuesday, one of the final two between the president and governor romney. that's the latest on the debate. allison, back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. >>> the debate
. mohammed was convicted in 2009. >>> in a case that's getting a lot of attention the u.s. court of appeals is set to hear the virginia prisoner who wants the state to pay for a sex change operation. a three judge panel is schedule today hear the case later this morning in richmond. a lower court ruled the state was treating her gender identity disorder. but the lawyers say doctors not judges should decide if surgery is appropriate. >> turning now to the race for the white house. both president obama and mitt romney are racking up frequent flyer miles. both will make the hard push. the president heads to richmond for a rally tomorrow. and sunday romney has three in the state. joins us live from capitol hill with more. doug good morning. >> reporter: good morning. unless you live in one of those handful of swing states, you are not going to see these guys in person as the campaign travel reaches a fever pitch. >>> we can add another 5,000 milester today as president obama travels back and forth actually spending the night on board. mitt romney isn't far behind after rallies yesterday. >> wha
, with questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. romney is trying to build on postdebate momentum. >> you had the chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now, of course, days later we're hearing his excuses. >> reporter: last week's debate will give way to this week's debate, vice president joe biden faces off with wisconsin congressman paul ryan. biden has no public events this week, as he prepares for what will be the only vp debate. >> this one looks pretty good. >> reporter: paul ryan visited a pumpkin patch with his kids over the weekend. >> nice break from debates i imagine. >> it is. we do this every year. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to do his own prep this weekend as he prepares for the next debate next week. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >>> virginia's two contenders for the senate seat are back in the spotlight today. they'll meet for a second debate today in richmond. a poll shows kaine pulling ahead. now 52% of voters pick tim kaine and 45% back allen. >>> developing this morning, the number of rare meningitis cases l
're going to have live updates on sandy's slow track to the u.s., the coastline all day long. >> we want to start can tucker barnes, he has the latest on sandy's strength and more. tucker, good morning. >> good morning, storm strengthening overnight. i'll show you in just a second. let's start with the local rain that's falling, and you can see we're getting good rains now from fred ringsburg right up to the district and points north and east. this is probably, saw it there in the last little look at the radar. this is one of the outing bands associated with a sandy now impacting our area. the flow will be out of the south and east out to the west into the north. parts of the area that hasn't seen a whole lot of rain, you will see it. this is one of the big stories particularly for the first half of the monday as the rain intensifies here over the next couple hours. when all said and done, you're looking at five to ten inch was rain. heavy rain expected, particularly south and east. all right, let me showout next map, i want to showout satellite radar here as we go to mac two and there i
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